I’ve been interested in cars as long as I can remember.  My first sources of information were from magazines like Mechanics Illustrated, Rod and Custom, Road & Track. and Hot Rod. A friend bought a Porsche 356A coupe in 1962 and we went to the sports car races. I was quickly hooked.  I spent the next decade working flag stations and pit and grid at the races, autocrossing, doing a little sports car racing and even a stint as regional executive of the NC Region, SCCA.  When IMSA was born in the late 1960’s I joined that too.  I did a little motocross racing around that time for a few years on a pretty quick Yamaha 175. I did OK  but I learned about road rash too.  Marriage and kids slowed the adventuring and I took up arts and crafts and spent a decade or so doing enameling and silver smithing before getting to watercolors.

I was introduced to the world of automotive art  while at an IMSA race in the early 1980’s at Road Atlanta and decided I wanted to get involved.  Light, reflections and a high level of realism characterize my work.  I am always inspired by good design and the flawless hand fabrication that has gone into many of the racecars and specialty coachwork over the years.

The medium I chose to use was watercolor.  I tried others but I always came back to watercolors.  I just like the way they look better than other mediums.  I started out showing my work at only racing events, as my brother in law was racing in IMSA. But over the years things have slowly moved towards mostly concours and vintage racing events as the venue. I Currently show at 7 or 8 events each year, mostly in the northeast or midwest.  I have largely concentrated on racing cars as my subject as it is where my passion lies.  I especially enjoy working with sports cars and vintage race cars.

I have been lucky enough to have had my artwork  in some of the automotive magazines, won a few awards, and got to meet and hang out with some really interesting people while doing it.  I am also a past president of the National Automotive Artists Association.   Automobiles have always been a special part of my life.  I would like to share that through my art.